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She puts Jessie on a toy horse and carries them in her hand], [Emily takes Jessie to a tree which has a tire swing tied to it. Woody gags at the smell and use his hat to fan it away. Utility Belt Buzz 2 jumps off it and scan the vent with his laser to see if it's clear], [The toys walk slowly off the lift, feeling woozy from the fall before], [They walk on, unaware that Buzz is holding on to the bottom of the lift. Of the seven animated films that have grossed more than $1 billion U.S. dollars, five of them are films executive produced by Lasseter. They open the door and peep out to see Andy's mom put the 25 cents box on a table nearby. ], [The scene changes to Al's apartment where Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete are watching Woody's Roundup. Then below the display stand, he saw a sign that said NEW UTILITY BELT], [He climbs up to the display stand and saw a new Buzz Lightyear toy standing tall and proud just like he did when he first came to Andy's room and met Woody. The other toys went to the window sill and Buzz uses Lenny to see what's going on], [Woody and Buster move to the table with the 25 cent box on it. Read, review and discuss the entire Toy Story 4 movie script by Carl Makkinga on Scripts.com 1 Whoa! Then green letters appear: GAMMA QUADRANT, SECTOR 4. Buzz heard more cars coming], [They do so and a car swerved around to avoid it then a truck with a concrete pipe which braked, making it's trailer move around in a big U turn], [The toys move on. Woody looks around to see lots of broken toy hands and parts beside him], [The toy parts grab Woody by the neck and drag him downward as Andy appears], [Andy puts the lid on the bin, making it go black], [He wakes up from a nightmare and saw his rip arm around his neck. They tried to get away but the balls caused the car to spin around in circles], [The Buzz Lightyear video game manual slips out of Rex's tiny hand and flies to the ground, sliding under a shelf, out of Rex's reach], [Mr Potato Head look at a side mirror and saw Rex's reflection in it with the words said OBJECTS IN MIRROR ARE MUCH CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR], [Barbie stops the car and Rex tumbles in headfirst, his legs dangled in the air], (She recites in Spanish as she drives on), [Back at the Buzz Lightyear aisle, Utility Belt Buzz tied Buzz into a cardboard spaceship and put him in it], [The other toys arrives in the Buzz Lightyear aisle], [He aim his laser at them, making Barbie stop the car just in front of Utility Belt Buzz], [Utility Belt Buzz turn off his laser upon hearing this], [Inside the box, Buzz saw this confusion and tries to call out to them but they can't hear him from outside], [They drive away, leaving Buzz behind in the box], [Back in his apartment, Al takes pictures of The Roundup Gang and the merchandise. The toys watch this in awe], [Buster run down the stairs, making Woody jolt and bump around on his back til he reached the door and stop. ], [In the bushes, next morning, Buzz uses his karate chop action to move some leaves out of his way. Jessie smiles up at her, thinking that she and Emily are doing what they usually do again as she closes her eyes], [Emily stops near the tree with the tire swing and walk over to some boxes and a trailer. A zip open by itself and the bag opens, revealing Woody and some golf balls as he went out of it. ], [Woody climb up to the table and hid behind a pepper sprayer as a man walk past whistling then run to the box and climb into it], [They saw Woody pull up Wheezy into view], [Woody pushes Wheezy to the ground and Buster moves him a bit with his nose], [Wheezy starts slip due to bobbing around so much], [Woody push Wheezy back in the collar but then Buster leaps over a toy and Woody falls off and lands on the ground. Andy, … ピクサーのクリエイターたちが贈る、ゴールデン・グローブ賞最優秀作品賞を始め数々の栄誉に輝く「トイ・ストーリー 2」。世界中で圧倒的な人気を誇るウッディとバズの黄金コンビが繰り広げる、冒険と友情の物語第2 … Jessie came to alive and crawl over to see Emily and another girl doing fingernail painting. ], [He lift his box and toss it to the black foam insulation], [Then, they heard a rumble coming towards the door], [Jessie and Bullseye gasps and run to their black foam places, Buzz and the Gang went into their cages and Woody flops down to the floor just as Al enters the room], [He pack up his collection and the hostages put them on a trolley and went out of his apartment], [The toys runs to the lift while Al press the button for it], [But then as they reached the top, they gasps for appearing on the lift was.......], [Zurg fires balls at the group. A shopping trolley with a cow's face and udders is moving towards Al's Toy Barn by Buzz pushing it. He make the Prospector model launch a coin to a Woody model's hand that puts it in a barrel], [He went over to a bubble blowing toy which has his face on it and his hat for pushing down to get the bubbles going], [Jessie, Prospector, laugh while Bullseye pop a big bubble with his teeth], [He push down the spur with his boot and a toy snake pops out of it], [He shits the snake out of the boot and Bullseye chases it, jumping onto a record player which starts playing it, making Bullseye going around on the record, sitting on it], [He climb up to join Bullseye on the record player and starts walking it in one place. A figure raises his clawed hand and puts it on a lever], [He moves the lever back and the lights in the corridor come on making Buzz stop in surprise. He wakes up and saw Buzz running across the parking lot towards Al's apartment. With Andy about to go to college, the gang find themselves … He runs along the corridor. Read, review and discuss the entire Toy Story movie script by Joss Whedon on Scripts.com Synopsis: Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated adventure buddy comedy film produced by Pixar … The camera moves up to a view of Al's apartment in the distance as the sun sets. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. He open his wings to slow himself down as he flies above the ground and then lands in a clearing. Jessie grabs him by his arm and he dangles above the wheel], [The tear in Woody's shoulder that Prospector had opened earlier began to widen a bit. Inside, a doorbell rang and Al opens the door. He gracefully open the door of his glass case. Jessie unfreezes and look through a holder to see Emily getting into the car and drives away whilst Jessie watches sadly], [After the flashback ends, Woody, is look sorry and surprised about this], [Woody get off the windowstill and onto the floor and walks over to the air vent. Toy Story 2 Transcript at Script-O-Rama Toy Story 2 Transcript at scripts.com Note: Multiple links are listed since (a) different versions exist and (b) many scripts posted become … -Rex, turn it off!. He looks around breathing in and out before opening his wrist communicator], [Laser lights appear on Buzz and he looks up to see millions of robots that are armed with lasers surrounding him. Stinky Pete walks over to Woody and uses his pickaxe to rip his arm, the same one the cleaner fixed earlier], [He raises his pickaxe to tear them apart when a white light flashes in his eyes. The toys stop walking and turn to watch Buzz type the letters on Mr Spell's keyboard then press the play button], [Buzz picks up the feather to look at it for the clues began to add up], [Etch does so and a picture of Al in his chicken costume appears on his screen, making everyone gasp in shock and Rex yelled in horror], [The scene changes to Al in his chicken suit in his apartment, talking to someone on the phone], [He sighs and hangs up before turning his attention to Woody, who are in glass cases], [Woody, unfreeze and run to the door of his apartment and jump up but they can't reach the handle as it's too high for them to reach. He look up to see Cheetos laying all over the floor in front of him. As they run inside, Rex went over to a manual shelf and saw a Buzz Lightyear video game manual with a note saying WANT TO DEFEAT ZURG? He picks Woody up and put him back in the glass cabinet], [As Al searches for the remote, Woody saw the remote under Jessie's glass cabinet and got shicked by the thought that she might turn the TV on before freezes when Al passes him], [He picks up the remote and turns off the TV. The door has a sign on it which say NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. The string which holds the aliens then unties and they start to fall out of the window], [Mr Potato Head leaps up to the window and grab the string and hold on], [Hamm is reading a manual that have fallen out of the storage compartment], [The truck turns right, helping Mr Potato Head pull the aliens back inside it], [The truck continues chasing Al's car til they reach Tri-Country International Airport], [Buzz saw some pet carriers inside the airport which they give him an idea], [A second later, the pet carrier is moving with Buzz's feet walking into the airport], [Buzz stops walking and drops the pet carrier as a little girl approaches it], [The girl screams and runs away. He tried to pull the handle but it won't budge. The toys look dismayed at Woody's decision], [The toys and Utility Belt Buzz enter the vent. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Woody peeks out of a box], [Woody walks out of the box, wearing a kooky smile on his face. https://geicocarinsurance.fandom.com/wiki/Toy_Story_2/Transcript?oldid=49868, [The film begins in outer space. He look at the photos with delight and glee], [She turns, hop off the table and walks off to the window], [Woody look towards the air vent which is his only way out. Woody sighs with relief but as he about to climb down, the TV turns on suddenly, much to Woody's shick and surprise], [Al wakes up with a start, knocking Woody to the floor], [As the theme song plays in the background, Al gasps when he saw Woody on the floor and saw his glass cabinet empty. As the pipe roll towards him, he strains to get his shoe free until he finally gets it free and ran to the other side just as the pipe rolled to the gum and got it stick to it's side. The Traffic lights turn from red to green and cars come rolling towards the toys and Irelanders], [Everyone stop and dropped their cones. Buzz pick up a feather and look at it. She then dances around and fell into a pile of leaves], [Jessie is on Emily's bed pillow when Emily grabs it which makes Jessie fall behind the bed. This is a stickup! They turned to see Buster barking and tapping his feet at the door and paces whimpering], [She went over to a toy car and yodels as she rolls down the ramp, onto the loop and launch off the jump to the door and turn the knob to open it and Buster sped out of the room. Buzz And The Gang Rescue woody from Airport. Woody look up to see a giant cardboard picture of himself which towers above him], [He look down to see books and TV show guide which has him on it with Bullseye], [Bullseye pushes a tape inside a tape player and Jessie uses her boot to press the remote and the TV turns on starting a TV show. Then as he pick up another few and about to throw them, he saw that Zurg is gone], [Then Zurg appears from nowhere, grabbing Utility Belt Buzz by his hand and lifts him up], [Zurg push Utility Belt Buzz to a box many times, pressing his button and activating his voice box], [Buzz open the emergency hatch and look down to see Al's green case on a box on a trolley. Don't anybody move! をやり始めました。 やっている部分のスクリプトを訳していきます。スクリプトは以下のサイトのものを利用させていただいてます。 IMSDb … ], [At Andy's room, Etch have draw a picture of Woody as the toys are trying to figure out who took him,], [Etch draws a false picture of Al who's got a beard], [Etch redraws Al again but without the beard], [The crime scene remake was made using LEGO to make Andy's house and the small toy in a car is used to represent Al's car], [Rex accidentally walk into the crime scene remake, messing it up], [As Rex turns, his tail knock over the model of Andy's house], [Mr Potato Head shrugs as the toys and Irelanders look confused at each other then walk over to Buzz who is typing some letters into Mr Spell via his keyboard to figure out the license plate's words LZTYBRN], [The toys start to leave Buzz when Mr Potato Head's comment give Buzz an idea], [He types the letters up on Mr Spell. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Toy Story 2… Buzz: Just hand her the sheriff and the Irelanders. The toys are behind him and look exhausted], [Slinky's back end comes walking up slowly to the others then slump down, exhausted], [A lot of cars came zooming past. As Hamm mutters to himself, a monster truck came zooming over his cone, making it spin around for a sec before stopping. Buzz walk slowly to the bridge which has discs that floats between him and the battery. She puts Jessie and some cowboy stuff into a box. He didn't move into it. ], [Andy look at Woody whose arm is now fixed at last], [He leaves the room and Woody unfreezes and look at his repaired arm], [She lifts her boot to show Andy's name written on it. SECRETS REVEALED! They turn to see a box being opened and lots of big packing pellets all over the floor], [He was suddenly got scoop up by a horse which runs around the room, carrying Woody with it], [The horse stops and Woody fell off him and land on his head. Buzz jumps and uses his own laser on the crystal which blows the robots up and sends him flying into the air screaming. The other toys look up at him], [Woody pull his legs up out of sight. The title comes up: Toy Story 2. Finally, the Toy Story 2 script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Buzz Lightyear and Woody movie. He use a long thin strip of paper to polish Woody's boots. Buzz, and the other toys look up and see this], [Woody looks at his torn arm, lifts it and then lets it go and it falls down. She picks up Jessie and carry her. He look down to see that he has stepped on a Cheeto. Thanks for your vote! It opens up to move out into little presses. に取り入れていこうと思っています。 【さようなら2015年、よろしくね2016年】来年は英会話で弾丸トークを目指しますぜ!! K先生オススメ!のトイ・ストーリー … Bullseye lifts up his hooves to show the letters of Andy's name on them as he dances], [Jessie grabs him before he can walk off], [Then they heard barking. He shrugs with a sheepish chuckle. The sound caught Jessie's attention and she look towards Woody who smiles at her, showing that he decided to go to the museum which makes her smile in return. ], [In Al's office, Hamm and Potato Head look in a box], [Slinky hop onto Al's desk and went over to some Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots], [The two robots punch each other until the red one's head spins up, making Slinky back up], [Then they heard a voice speaking in Japanese outside the room], [The toys hide under the desk just as Al enters, talking on his phone], [He went to his fax machine and start typing in the number], [The toys peep out from the side of the desk to look at Al], [Back at the Buzz Lightyear aisle, Buzz is still trapped in his box and jolted around to get free, The box fell off the shelf and onto the floor. Mr Potato Head's shoe got stick on some gum. Read the Toy Story 2 script, written by Andrew Stanton, Chris Webb, Doug Chamberlin, and Rita Hsiao. Buzz look back and gasps and runs as the wall closes in on him. Seeing it and looking at Andy's Mom with a grin, he got an idea], [Al uses his foot to push the skateboard toward some boxes], [She heard a crash and went to see what made the noise. Link - Toy Story Transcript 1 Transcript 1.1 The Beginning 1.2 Opening Titles 1.3 Andy's Birthday 1.4 Meet the Toys 1.5 Upcoming Birthdays 1.6 Birthday Presents 1.7 The Sergeants Escape … Buzz manages to jump through a closing door just in time and the spike ram into the door, denting it. Rex run over to Utility Belt Buzz as Zurg adjust his ion blaster to the highest level, paying no attention to Rex], [As Rex turned away, his tail hits Zurg and he falls off the roof of the lift and down to the bottom below], [Slinky flip up the locks, opening the green case and Woody reach out and grab his paws. TOY STORY All right, everyone! In a room, a yellow dot appears on a red screen identifying as Buzz. Someone's gonna hear! He hold his breath and pull out his arm from Al's shirt pocket. 1 Transcript 1.1 Buzz Mission 1.2 Woody Lost His Hat 1.3 It’s Buster! Woody looks sad and let his legs dangle from the shelf. Emily reaches for her stuff and pull out Jessie from under the bed and and look at her. Andy's coming! Al unlocks the case whilst she's not looking and grabs Woody], [Buzz puts Lenny down and runs to the drainpipe to slide down], [Buzz reaches the ground and run to rescue Woody], [Buzz hides behind a table as a man walks past], [As Al put his bag in the trunk, Buzz runs to the mailbox and peep out from behind it as Al's car moves from the driveway. Stop it, you mean old potato. Prospector: This sure is a fast-burnin' wick. Jessie saw this and freezes, bring back her smile. Jessie walk over and laugh at this antic], [He and Bullseye start walking slowly on the record, making Jessie laugh even more], [He jump over the needle and Jessie jumps over it too], [Jessie jumps forwards on the needle with her hands and launch herself back onto the record], [He set the dial to fast and the record speeds up with Woody, Jessie and Bullseye running on it], [He stops running in surprise and slides into Jessie and Bullseye knocking them and himself off the record and onto the table], [He lifts his boot to show Andy's name written on the sole of it], [Jessie begins to hyperventilate over this], [Then they heard some footsteps outside the door coming towards the room], [Jessie close her eyes, took a deep breath and jumps into the box, followed by Stinky Pete and Bullseye while Woody run to their glass cabinets just in time before Al enters the room, holding a camera whilst humming], [He places Stinky Pete, Jessie and Bullseye on a table which has a western town model on it before turning to Woody], [He opens the case and pull out Woody, unaware that a stem from Woody's ripped arm had caught up on a big handle which is used to hold the arms and began to come unravel. She then grab some hoops and the books which are hiding Wheezy and grab him as well], [Woody unfreezes and watches in horror as Andy's mom puts Wheezy in the box and left the room], [He tries to whistle with his right arm but it only makes him blew raspberry so he use his ripped arm to whistle and it works and Buster runs into the room, looking for where Woody is], [He loses his grip on the shelf and fall onto Buster's back], [Buster obeys and runs out of the room with Woody on his back. Rex giggles with excitement by this. In another aisle, Rex and Mr Potato Head are walking down it. Synopsis Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy's toys haven't been played with in years. They ran through the door but as they got to the edge of the porch, Al drives off to the airport], [He throws a ball at Zurg who turn out to have survived the fall], [He fires another ball for Utility Belt Buzz to catch], [As Rex hop to the windscreen, he heard some ooooooooes. Buster growls at Woody at first but then licks him a couple of times, revealing that he's a friendly dog], [Buster raises his front paws and sit on his butt], [Buster acts being shit and falls over, playing dead], (He rubs Buster's belly as Buster pants happily), [Andy staggers into the room and Buster run up to him], [Buster just scratches his ear and walks away], [Andy makes monkey noises whilst holding one close to Bo Peep], [Andy brings Buzz out of a box riding on RC], [He knocks Hamm over and he lands on top of the Army Men], [Then as he stretches the two toys, Woody's arm rips at his shoulder], [She put Woody on a shelf and she and Andy left the room. He went to the end of the aisle with a glare and saw Al sliding out of his office with a smile on his face], [Buzz gasps when he saw Rex's tail poking out of Al's bag. Woody climbs on Al and reaches for his arm, trying not to lose his balance when Al suddenly giggles in his sleep. It reveals to be Buzz, and the toys using the cameras to blind him and run towards him], [Buzz grabs him by the back and hoist him up, making him drop his pickaxe], [he smiles and points to off screen something], [Seconds later, the Stinky Pete is in a girl's backpack, sliding down a ramp to a rotator where a little girl is waiting to pick it up], [As the girl put on her backpack, Stinky Pete unfreezes and breathes anxiously.

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